Linggo, Marso 20, 2016

Value Time Even More with Claire's Watch Pendant Necklace

I think one of the reasons why I, myself, was always late for work and gala is because I never valued time from the beginning. Looking back, I never get used to wearing watches nor having a wall clocked hanged in my room. Time was never gold to me. Until my tardiness becomes very significant that my employers complained about it. Though, I really tried to overcome this one of major problems of mine I often fail.

As I grow older along with my weakness, I realize that I don't have so much time left to waste for nothing. I have to value every tick of the clock so as those people who do too. I need something to remind me about time but I don't want a watch worn around my wrist because one: I'm not used to it and, two: it's irritating my skin (wow! flawless sensitive skin lang ang peg). 

Suddenly I remember the watch locket pendant necklace I saw in a movie years ago that I really wanted to have but due to financial issues, I couldn't. But now, kahit hindi ako maglunch nang isang lingo, makabili lang ako kwintas na may relo! Hahaha. So I started looking for a necklace with a watch pendant online and saddened that they are mostly available abroad and I need to order online, pay online and wait for it to be delivered. Things I am not so fond of. So, I thought of giving up.

Last night, while helping a friend find a certain beauty product in Makati malls, we came across Claire's shop and checked if there was the necklace I wanted and fortunately found the very last stock for the next few months!!! I was very thrilled! I knew it was the only chance I could see it again and buy so I grabbed the opportunity and owned it right away for only Php815.00! Visit their store at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 to find more nice things there. You will like one for sure! Hahaha.

Here are some of my favorite quotes about time.

Time heals all wounds.

Time is gold.

Time flies over us but leaves its shadow behind.

Time heals what reasons cannot.

Time changes everything except something within us
 which is always surprised by change.

Linggo, Setyembre 13, 2015

My First BGC Adventure

Gourmand Market
by nawwTy's kitchen

Gourmand Market
A pleasant and lively experience from the creative minds of Trish Panlilio of NawwTy's Kitchen and Dara Roa, known as Collab Contessa. Thanks to them for bringing something like Borough market in London to the Philippines! 

I enjoyed the place – very bright and cheerful ang atmosphere. Kaya hindi namen mapigilang mag-‘selfie.’ Let me take this as an opportunity na rin to introduce my TBOTD (Travel buddies of the day)!

Nahihiya pa sila magpakita nang mga mukha. 
Wait lang daw.

Meet the Bellas. Flor and Ruby. They were college super friends. In what year? That's I don't know. Pero looking young and happy pa rin. Look at them! Aren't they pretty?

Wearing her two month old tangerine blouse, you can easily tell how urbane she is. A woman of class and sophistication.

Catchy laces in her blouse is a glimpse of her sunny personality. She loves to laugh and her energy doesn’t seem to drain!

For the record, eto ang first picture namen together. :)

The place is so gorgeous. Pang-Facebook at Instagram! Also,  you might find something you love in the place. Vendors were selling everything from organic produce, to artisanal food and beverages, to plants and home decor.

I loved it and one thing now is certain: I shall return! :)

Visiting Gourmand market was actually never part of the plan. It just happened that it was there and we felt very blessed to experience the fun. Anyways, pupunta talaga kame sa the first ever branch ng Applebee’s grill and bar restaurant in the Philippines! Located at W Global Center in Bonifacio Global city,  we were very excited to experience the savory, value-for-money dishes from the US. 

Applebee’s grill and bar restaurant

Pagdating namen sa location, napa-“Teka, baket parang nag-aayos pa ang mga kuya?” kame.
“Hindi pa po kame open, mam.” One of the staffs said as he opened the door for us and invited us to come inside. Akala ko ba hindi pa bukas, eh paano kame nakapasok?

Nalungkot kame na sa September 16 pa raw ang opening ng resto nila. Ayun kase talaga ang sinadya namen sa BGC. Pero infairness, very accomodating ang mga tao dun. Lalo na si Mr. Roger, ang General Manager, na super smile all the time sa amin habang nagpapaliwanag. Todo kinig naman sila Ruby and Flor kaya I took the opportunity to take ‘selfies.’

Inside the restaurant is relaxing.
Malakas ng hangin sa loob.

Isn't it amazing?
“Bago pa tayo paalisin eh umalis na tayo.”
Bye Applebee’s. 


Lunes, Pebrero 3, 2014

2014 Starter

A month has already passed.
Time truly flies by so fast.
What has happened to me lately?
Let these pictures speak for me.

It's about time for me to enjoy the environment outside. Going out with friends is the best thing to do. After work, me and my friends decided to go to Molito and have a walk around. It's a nice place pala!

Ate Mish's birthday is the longest celebration of the year! Hahahaha. The banner kase was not taken out until February. We enjoyed the food very much. Plus, her sense of humor made the whole celebration more fun! 

We usually come up with an idea of buying foods. And vegetable salad is on top of the list! Yummy! Kaya nung last day ni Tl Mia, we prepared Veggie salad as part of our bonding  moment. We will surely miss this and Tl Mia siyempre. 
 The success of Team Kidlatz' going out last December never stops. This month, we went to BiƱan! I'm so proud of myself that I made it going there alone. Hahaha. The whole experience was both a revelation and a precious memory that we will never forget. Basta ang saya! 

Miyerkules, Oktubre 30, 2013

X-men: Days of Future Past trailer finally hit the Internet

I'm a fan of X-men movies and I'm so excited to watch the latest installment, X-men: Days of Future Past. I've seen several leaks and teasers of the said movie and today, finally, the first full trailer for next year's mutant blockbuster x-men movie has hit the Internet. Bryan Singer says this movie will take viewers on an emotional ride.

Here is the basic story of Days of Future Past: The X-Men of the future project the mind of one of their members into their past self so that they can prevent an apocalyptic future where mutants are hunted, persecuted, and all but wiped-out. The movie adaptation has moved the pieces around considerably, but it's a safe bet that this will be the basic structure of the film's plot. (source: here

"X-men: Days of Future Past" will open nationwide in the Philippines on May 22, 2014 from 20th century to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Lunes, Oktubre 28, 2013

Hindi Ko Inaasahan

Who are you in your class?

High school days. 

I don't have much vivid memories of my high school days. I just remember very few of them. I usually wrote a composition in the classroom during break time. It's my own way of expressing my feelings. 

This morning, I remember that I still have a copy of one of the poems I wrote back then and am fortunate to find it. Let me share it with you.

Its title was originally, "Gayon Pa man" but I decided to take the phrase out of the poem because I found it unnecessary.  

Di Ko Inasahan

Sinimulan kasi nila
Inasar tayo sa isa't isa
Sabi ko nga, wala na bang iba?
At bakit sa'yo pa.

Hindi ko lang pinapansin
Wala naman kasi sa'yong pagtingin
Bahala na silang kiligin
Basta lahat ng iyon ay wala lang sa akin.

Hanggang sa lagi na tayong pinag-uusapan
Laman ng asaran at tuksuhan
Kaya't di ko man inaasahan
Na-develope na sa'yo ng tuluyan.

Bawat biro sinasakyan ko
Bawat asar pinapatulan mo
Pero minsan ba'y iyong nalaman?
Na minahal na kita nitong nakaraan.

That awkward moment

Sakura and Syaoran
My High School Favorite Anime Loveteam

Giraffes Go Viral

Suddenly, your friends' profile pictures have something in common. They are all pictures of giraffes! What's new and what is something with the tall, long-necked and spotted animals?

It's all because of a new game taking over Facebook where a user must answer a riddle and if they get the answer wrong, he or she should turn their profile picture into a giraffe for the next three days. The riddle goes, "3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors. It's your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?"

What is your answer? I got the answer right. I don't have to change my default photo. But if you got it wrong, start googling your best Giraffe photo or you may choose from these photos I carefully picked for you. =)

Giraffe Does Selfie

Duck[?] Face

Giraffe Twerks Like Miley
Giraffe Cutie Patotie

"Mom told me to be different. So, I am now a monkey!"

Martes, Oktubre 15, 2013


Have just found a year and nine month old composition of mine! Hope you'll like it!

Today is a good start of letting go of your feelings for someone who is ignoring you or has left you hanging. It may not be easy but I believe that putting yourself into 15-DAY, TOTAL and CONTINUOUS Isolation from everything about him/her will help you move one step forward from getting over him/her. Indulge yourself with beautiful things that will make your mind busy, body sweating, and heart happy! Go out with your friends and family. Go to places you've never been and do some activities together. Fit them according to your own preference or maybe to something new that you wanna try! If you don't have free time because of your work or studies, you can surprise yourself with new things everyday. Like, try to leave your house later than your usual time and be in a hurry to be in your office or school not late! That would be a great adrenaline rush! You can also try doing practical jokes to your office mate or class mate. Or, enjoy writing or illustrating your thoughts and feelings in a sticky note then post it on the wall. Do it everyday and you will be surprise of how wide you have covered your wall with sticky's! :) You can also make fun of someone but be sure he or she won't get hurt or offended. Or maybe, I think this one is better, you can make someone happy or overwhelmed by surprising him/her with your funny or warmth gestures, cool presents or complimenting words. You know, there's a lot of funny, exciting, and heart-warming ways for you to enjoy. Stop enduring the pain and stop being stupid! You should have got tired of it! Let go of what ever things that hurt you and drag you to hell.. That's the best thing to move on. Now, it's about on how you will do 'that.'

P.S., withdraw visiting his Facebook page everyday! It will only worsen the situation. Plus, remember the rule 15-DAY, TOTAL and CONTINUOUS Isolation from everything about him...